‘Athletica’ is a redesign of the lululemon app which focuses on appealing to a broader audience by bringing a more inclusive and self perceptive experience.


With a background in educating and assisting the guest’s of lululemon, I hope to turn the issues I saw in daily experiences with online shopping into a memorable, personalized and empowering moment, to keep guest’s feeling their best, and wanting to come back for more. Shopping can be a vulnerable experience, I want to eliminate this by providing a welcoming and encouraging environment.


Lululemon is an athleisure company known for its high tech and high quality athletic and leisure clothing and accessories. They are passionate about diversity and inclusion and look at their brand as a lifestyle, not just clothing.


Solo project, ux/ui design, ux research


6 weeks, 1 ux designer. Tools used: figjam, figma, useberry, empathy.


How might we create a more inclusive, gender-neutral, and self-perceptive shopping experience for customers on the lululemon app, to both benefit active guests and reach new guests, while maintaining the integrity of the current app…

ideation & brainstorming

To create a solution an app that would value the guest experience, inclusion and diversity while maintaining the integrity of the current app. I analyzed the problem through a value canvas and through SWOT analysis. With some secondary research I was able to discover enough gain creators and pain relievers, as well as, opportunities to reach a broader market. The idea was validated and I moved forward with my primary research.

research & empathy mapping

Primary – interviews, 5 stakeholders & 7 users

from the source

“In the ideal world ‘I’ would be able to browse through an app without seeing idealized body standards, a variety of models, and a judgement free gender-neutral section”

Chris | High Performance Athlete
Persona | meet Karissa

interview summary


Individuals enjoy shopping online for ease and convenience, if they know what they are seeking.


Individuals would enjoy to see a more diverse model set so they can view themselves in the items they are about to purchase.


Overall people do their research Individuals feel discouraged or embarrassed when needing to shop in ‘men’ or ‘women’ sizing if the current sizing options do not work for them.


individuals wish to…


enjoy the personalization of in person shopping and feel this is lacking online


see a more diverse model group to better invision themselves in the product.


be able to categorize items, but think they could be more inclusive/less specific.

wireframes & flow

From the research findings I developed an intuitive user flow and started mapping out the wireframe stages.

design solutions


Create a 3rd viewing page: ‘view all’ where items are sorted by category, instead of gender, with the option to sort & filter for organization.


A model selection option where the guest can select which model ‘type’ they would like to see the clothing item or accessory on, or select to view items without a model.


Enhance and maintain the current filter and sorting functions while including new and inclusive ways to shop and browse.


usability testing

To ensure optimal ease of use I performed a virtual card sorting, and 2 rounds of in-person usability testing using both the think aloud method and a/b testing.

A win from this card sorting: all items were categorized by item type, not gender

the solution

‘Athletica’ is a redesign of the lululemon app which focuses on appealing to a broader audience by bringing a more inclusive and self perceptive experience.

The design for this product was developed using figjam and figma.

To further explore the app prototype please click on the phone screen to view the figma prototype.

next steps

I’ve identified other challenges to focus on to further improve this design, such as:

  • How might we create an accessible experience for users of this app…
  • How might we adapt this tool to upload images of oneself to capture what they may look like in an item to provide a more in-person shopping experience…