This project was completed for the VXP Hackathon with team ctrl+z. Our prompt was to create a mental wellness app solution with focus on literacy and gamification. We completed this project in a short 24 hours. Ctrl+z placed 3rd.


To create a safe and comfortable space for our user to document and journal their mood, activity and general thoughts, while having the option to learn about mental health and what they are experiencing. We want the user to feel empowered and in control of their mental wellbeing.


There are apps that exist that provide resources to track their mental and physical health and methods of reaching out for help, however we believe that these apps are quite generic and do not create an individualized experience.


Ux research, ux design & content creation.


24 hours, 4 UX Designers. Tools used: Figjam, Figma, Google Docs, brain power.

the problem

How might we provide the resources and tools necessary to create a safe environment for individuals to seek support from the ones they trust?

ideation & brainstorming

To better empathize with our audience we gathered our collective assumptions into an empathy map to ensure our design was focused primarily on the user and their well-being. From here we were able to create a thoughtful interview script, visualize our users and proceed with our researching phase.


primary – 5 user interviews

secondary – competitor analysis, peer reviewed articles

from the source

When asked about an ideal mental health routine and what he needs: “asking how I am feeling emotionally and why, identifying triggering events, regulating anxiety, experiencing and expressing my emotions where appropriate, this would be done through journaling”

Diane | Mental Health Clinical Counsellor

insights & solutions

From our interview phase we gathered common findings and pain points to create our design solution and insights.

wireframes & iterations

From our findings we developed a user flow, which focused on the streamlined onboarding, journalling, mood tracking & buddy system and created a testing plan.

visual exploration

For our design we wanted to create a calming and clean aesthetic.

the solution

‘Together’ is a mental health and wellness app which encompasses literature and education. Our goal was to create a safe space for individuals to document their mood, create journal entries, encourage routine and be able to feel supported through the journey through a ‘buddy system’.

All design created through Figma and Figjam, to view our completed prototype please visit our prototype by clicking on the phone screen.

next steps

To further develop this design we have created a usability testing plan and will have to implement this to iterate on our current design. As this was completed in 24 hours, I believe that testing and iteration could further improve both design and functionality.