This project was developed to create a space for users to experience true moments of travel and culture through an immersive mobile application.


To create a space where our users can experience genuine moments of travel and exploration through an educational application that is both interactive and sensory


People have resources to source information about travel and apps to educate themselves on various areas of culture however, there is a personalized, immersive and authentic experience lacking


Ux design, ux research.


This project was a group project. I was lucky to work alongside Yvonne Fabian, an experienced illustrator and industrial designer who carried the Ui and visual elements through from start to finish.


3 weeks, 2 UX Designers. Tools used: Miro, Adobe Xd, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and a lot of nostalgia.


How might we create a space for individuals to immerse themselves in a culture, to educate, explore and absorb authentic information and experiences across the globe…

ideation & brainstorming

To create a solution an app that would stand out and be unique amongst competitor apps we took to a whiteboard brainstorm session to gather our best ideas and formulate our design ideation. From here we were able to gather our thoughts into questions to formulate our researching scripts and survey.


primary – survey & interviews

secondary – competitor analysis



Speaking with locals and traveling off of their advice will give you a more genuine experience


Living in a place for a longer period of time allows them to understand the people and culture better


Overall people do their research online and talk to people who have been there or locals from there
to source information

from the source

“The locals knew interesting off the grid places to eat, see , experience. They also often referred me to friends and family in other parts of the country.“

Shelley | Lived Abroad

design principles


Ignite people’s curiosity about different cultures around the world


Give users a taste of the type of experience you only get from physically being in a foreign place


Provide users with the tools to continue their journey outside of the app

design solutions


Allow for users to dive deep into a topic when they wish to, content should be enjoyable & digestible… not overwhelming


Aim to satisfy different senses (visual, auditory)


Provide resources to learn more about certain topics (literature, websites, movies, places to visit, etc), as well as, turning to locals for authentic information

wireframes & flow

From our findings we developed a user flow, which focused on diving into an immersive cultural experience through an interactive map which would bring you to a destination through the landing page.

Above we created a task flow to visualize the optimal pages and user flow through our app.

Below we can see the visualization of our wireframes and slight interactions and movement of our main collage, which will act as a navigation menu.

usability testing & iteration

Iteration # 1
Iteration #2

75% of users were able to click through the user flow without misclicks in iteration one through the Think Aloud Method. Common misclicks occured due to lack of direction and hints to navigation. To improve this, you can see in design #2 we added subtle hints and visual queues to allow the user to get to their destination. After testing iteration #2, with the Think Aloud Method and 7 new users, were succeeded in getting through our flow with 100% accuracy.

the solution

This project was completed for school purposes through Emily Carr University UX Design Program. Our goal with this design was to create a space where our users can experience genuine moments of travel and exploration through an educational application that is both interactive and sensory.

next steps

To further develop this design we would like to add a contributor option so locals can source more authentic information, through gathering data from individuals across the globe. We would also like to further test and iterate our current design to ensure that the flow is smooth and clear.